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Arctic 5 is a woodwind quintet that started in the summer of 2015 by a group of friends in Northern Sweden.

Their shared love of eccentric and vibrant tone color brought them together and since then their playing has led them to creating interactive and engaging concerts.

Their performances are known for their joyous programming, dynamic musicianship and artistic depictions of iconic Swedish forests and fragments of the northern lights.

Arctic 5 believes in creating experiences that are centered in liveliness, leaving their audiences in festive spirits.


The founders Emma Wahlström (French horn) and Anna Swedén (flute) have together with Lina Nilsson (bassoon), Ellen Ivansson (clarinet) and Alejandro Briceno (oboe) developed a special mix that is both radiant and lively. Their highly acclaimed premiere concert was at the music festival Festspelen in Piteå in June 2015, and since then, they have performed all over Sweden.


Arctic 5 is currently in a two-year residency as the Graduate Fellowship Woodwind Quintet at Montclair State University. There, they go beyond the traditional quintet repertoire to unfold new bearings on their musical journey as a multifaceted group. They also serve as mentors and leaders in various university ensembles.  Through their flexibility and wide range of programming, Arctic 5 pushes the boundaries of chamber music and has premiered new music by Swedish composers including Jörgen Häll.


During their time in America they have given performances at the Church of Sweden in New York City, Montclair Public Library, Leshowitz Recital Hall, Kasser Theatre and more. Through their inspirational outreach programs, they've had the opportunity to collaborate with actor Frankie Faison, among others.


Additionally, Arctic 5 is passionate about sharing historical stories through music and this concert season, the group is developing a project highlighting music related to the Holocaust in collaboration with Dr. Tamara Freeman (Holocaust Ethnomusicologist). 


Arctic 5 will make their Carnegie Hall debut in the 2019-20 season.


“We want the audience to experience our playfulness and to have fun together with us and our music, to taste a part of Swedish nature.” – Emma Wahlström



Arctic 5