Lina Nilsson

Lina Nilsson





Lina started as a saxophonist in the jazz genre and has appeared in various big bands and brass bands around Stockholm. At the age of 19, she began to focus on classical music and exercise bassoon which is today the prime instrument. Currently she is studying at Montclair State University in New Jersey.


She has engaged in ensemble and orchestral performances including Borås Symphony Orchestra, Deutsch-Skandinavische Jugend-Philharmonie, The Theatre in Kalmar, Rhapsody in Rock with Robert Wells, Royal Academic Orchestra in Uppsala and many other solo- and orchestral constellations in musicals and operas with tours around Europe.


- "As an artistic practitioner, I get the chance to explore and use an incredibly beautiful instrument, the tone of the bassoon and the sound, is very close to the human voice and it is regarded as the most appealing and attractive instrument during the baroque period. The Bassoon has a great soul and it is said that the instrument's tone may come very close to the heart of the listener. "